Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sustainability: edible education

two weeks ago, alice waters paid a visit to los angeles to have a conversation about food education. thanks to good food, one of my favorite local radio shows, i got to be in the audience!

alice is the mastermind behind daily food life at chez panisse, a huge advocate of local food, and the founder of the edible schoolyard program in berkeley. joining her was sam levin, a fellow school garden advocate and 15-year-old student from western massachusetts (my beloved college stomping grounds). two years ago, sam co-founded project sprout, a student-run garden planted in an abandoned soccer field across the street from the local high school.

both of their schoolyard gardens focus on giving students the experience of planting and harvesting food with their own hands--and then, enjoying the fruits and vegetables of their labor in fresh, yummy meals. in a world where some people don't know that a potato grows underground, i think alice & sam are onto something with this kind of firsthand food education.

i ended the night feeling inspired--and hungry. and i was happy to know that alice waters and i agree on our favorite vegetable: garlic.

:: image from edible schoolyard

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  1. how cool, lillie! we ate at this great restaurant in brooklyn on friday, franny's, which serves all local fresh food that's very chez panisse in style. alice actually ate at the restaurant an hour before we got there. just missed her!