Friday, June 6, 2008

from curbside to beachside

within days of sharing my love of curb crawling , i did score a great treasure on my way home from work.

two perfect (well, almost) french beach chairs were begging for a new home & some TLC. so i scooped them right into my trunk, and now they're sitting pretty under the tangerine tress in our backyard.

ok, they are a bit beat up--but with a few dabs of wood glue and fresh colorful seating fabric, they'll be ready for the summer in no time!

so started looking online for some inspirations for new seat covers...

i'm wondering: quirky english prints? or classic french stripes?

[left] thornback&peal deck chair from the handpicked collection
[right] les toiles du soleil from basic french online

Thursday, June 5, 2008

the photographer's shadow

intriguing? haunting? check out this whole collection of shadow photos.

the photo above is from MoMA's collection (full description). it was taken by an unknown photographer at Coronado Beach. apparently MoMA has a whole display of anonymous photographer's shadows.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

garfield minus garfield

i can't stop looking at garfield minus garfield. it's the classic comic strip--minus all characters except john arbuckle.

wow. on his own, this man lives a twisted life!

earlier this week, the creator/reviser (along with original cartoonist Jim Davis!) was interviewed by the nytimes. in his words, the revised comic exposes the empty desperation of modern life. that's pretty deep for dear garfield.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

flock - framed!

excited to have a new print in the house!
here is flock by good shape design.

i even have it in a frame already!!
this is major progress...

thank you nana!

Monday, June 2, 2008

opening night: diane cockeril & chris engman

a bit delayed... but this past saturday was the annual Culver City Art Walk. i was short on time and late in the day, so i didn't get a chance to see very much--but i did land in JK Gallery for the first time.

i was literally drawn in off the street when i caught a glimpse of these photos by chris engman and diane cockeril.

cockeril's photos (above) focus on the mundane but colorful curbs of LA. she collages her photos together, looking at these curbs as "meandering riverbanks, rich with meaning in their encoded system; swift currents of color, patterns and language."

engman's photos (below) make you look twice at buildings, places, things. framing, inserting, challenging. seemingly ordinary, but contrived. i like juxtaposition (and, come to the think of it, i like the word juxtaposition).

Sunday, June 1, 2008

june june june

in my mind today:

june is bustin' out all over
all over the meadow and the hill...

you can feel it in your heart
you can see it in the ground
you can see it in the trees
you can smell it in the breeze

look around! look around! look around!
soak up some over-enthusiasm for june on youtube (: