Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the love of glass jars

recently, my mom and my aunt had a shared revelation: they both suffer from (but mostly celebrate) The Love of Glass Jars--the insatiable need to buy, scrub clean, and save any neat glass containers that they find. as their collections build, the jars are repurposed to store food, buttons, art supplies, and collections of all kinds. my auntie phyllie's latest glass loves are the "nice little squat" jars that, in a past life, held salsa. in their new incarnation, they live on her bookshelf displaying this awesome rainbow of colored pencils.

i know this love well myself, as there are rogue jars tucked into every cabinet of our apartment kitchen. too many times, i've bought grocery store items solely because of their containers (the food is like a bonus prize!). spega yogurt jars are one of my favorites.

someday soon i will post photos of our infamous kitchen shelf that is constructed of pine wood planks and 12 enormous jars of pickles.

are you a glass jar lover, too?

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:: image from phyllis mchugh leocha (auntie phyllie)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

my first letterpress adventure

earlier this month, i went on a one-day letterpress adventure at the international printing museum in carson (printmuseum.org). their introduction to letterpress workshop (which was i was psyched to attend) was a great mix of fun, informative, and inspiring--and the museum itself is a hidden gem for anyone interested in printmaking.

the day started with a guided tour of their museum and a brief history of printmaking. and then we dove into the type room, learned the the basics of typesetting, and got to work on two basic printing projects. the museum has an awesome collection of type fonts and woodcut images to explore. for my name print, i couldn't resist this woodcut of a windblown cypress tree (for love of the california coast).

if you're in the los angeles area, the museum offers lots of classes about letterpress, book arts, and printmaking. i'm hoping to be back for their intermediate letterpress workshop on april 18. more printmaking soon!

see a few more letterpress pics at lillieinthecity / flickr.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

library list for march

my new favorite destination is the main branch of the santa monica public library. it's gorgeous and modern and full of glass and light--and brimming with a million books to read. it has a cafe and its own bookstore, and it's environmentally friendly! oh, library love.

the latest books that i've check out have been almost all about food. inspired by this good idea at the kitchn, i decided to "test out" some new cookbooks before purchasing. needless to say, i now want to own each one of them...

+ chez panisse vegetables & chez panisse fruit are treasures from alice waters. each book is beautifully designed with gorgeous illustrations and bursting with recipes that celebrate fresh produce.
+ the new moosewood cookbook, a 1970s vegetarian classic, is handlettered and illustrated, which makes it feel extra personal, like the recipes are coming to you from a great, food-loving friend.
+ nigella express & nigella's how to eat made me understand why people adore nigella. her recipes are delicious, but simple--and her attitude towards food is celebratory, but down-to-earth.
+ good poems got thrown into my pile for good measure. just as i hoped, this collection of poems from garrison keillor (a prairie home companion) is lovely and surprising and gives a sense of hope and perspective in this crazy world.

so that's what's piled up for me at the moment... what about you?

more cookbook recommendations are always welcome!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

on community sustained agriculture

voila! my latest bushel of veggies from my local community sustained agriculture (CSA) program: the south central farmer's coop. a rough explanation of a CSA: it supports local agriculture by organizing people to "invest" directly in a farm--and in return for your share, you receive a regular assortment of seasonal, local farm fresh goods.

encouraged by a CSA-loving coworker, i started buying a bi-weekly box from south central. in the past month, i have experimented with more mixed kales, beet greens, and rainbow chard than ever before. i've discovered that a box of "greens" has a lot more flavor and personality than i ever expected. and i've also learned that when all else fails, everything tastes good sauteed in garlic and olive oil.

if you are in the LA area, check out south central and their many pickup locations around the city. if you are in elsewhere (including new england!), check out local harvest where you can search for a csa's in your area.

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:: image from lillieinthecity / flickr

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a few things

today i am... loving the extra sunlight each day, even if it makes waking up in the morning a little harder. frustrated that my laptop is temporarily out of commission, which means no new photos and not much blogging. still full after a monday night dinner party with a six-degrees-of-separation group of friends and a georgian-themed feast. hoping to share more about my letterpress adventure soon. excited about having lots of visitors in the next two months. and eating too many cadbury mini eggs.

what are you up to?

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:: photo from lillieinthecity / flickr

Friday, March 6, 2009

learning letterpress

i'm excited to be attending a one-day letterpress workshop tomorrow at the book arts institute. i've been wanting to do this for months, but timing, cost, and location never seemed to work. and then days after making a resolution to myself, i landed on the book arts website. perfect!

it's a part of the international printing museum, which also sounds fantastic, and located just south of los angeles.

this is a great next step with one of those "new projects" that i mentioned. i'm hoping to share some fun stationery and paper designs soon...

p.s. check out my photo of a Heidelberg letterpress being pushed down the middle of a street in san francisco. crazy! and one of my favorite memories of last weekend.

:: image from moontree press in brooklyn, ny

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

san francisco weekend

a few photos from my weekend exploring san francisco...

i'm in love with every aspect of this city: historic buildings, art and music, neighborhoods with big personalities, car-free living, so many city parks, delicious fresh food, and lots of coffee shops. although a dose of southern california sunshine wouldn't hurt. it's a near perfect city just as it is.

see more of the weekend's photos at flickr / lillieinthecity.

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::images from lillieinthecity