Friday, August 7, 2009

it's okay to take it easy

after two weeks of adventures and friends, i'm ready for a vacation. funny how that works! just when my brain is ready to dive into new projects, my body says NO WAY! actually, even my brain was exhausted by the end of the day yesterday.

so even though i am very excited to start working out new projects/plans/life. and even though there was a wild outdoor concert happening afterhours at my work yesterday. and even though there's still a bunch of cleaning and organizing to be done. and brainstorming that has to happen. and planning that needs to start... last night, i knew my brain and body were on the edge of a mini meltdown. so i gave myself permission to just take it easy.

and it was just what i needed. nothing special, but a few important elements:
+ straight home from work, no errands
+ simple pasta for supper with a glass of wine
+ a bowl of ben & jerry's, of course
+ lots of eco/design/biz blogs to read
+ early bedtime with a new book

now i'm recharged and ready to take on the world! well, in my own small way at least. hope you enjoy some time taking it easy this weekend! xo

:: image of the boy farm from flickr / lillieinthecity

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a weeknight beachside picnic

last night, Nicole and i drove to Malibu for a mini college reunion with our friend Peter, who lives in Santa Barbara. we decided to meetup for a beachside picnic halfway between SB and LA at Leo Carillo State Park. we met on the sand with picnic blankets, food, and wine, and talked until long after it got dark.

the sky was beautiful at sunset, and then the moon was full and so so bright. here's to more excuses for nighttime beachside hangouts!

simple breakfast with special company

i'm slowly coming back to daily life after another week long adventure in northern california. august is here, and summer is slowly start to wind down.

nicole, one of my very favorite people, traveled back to Los Angeles with me, and is sharing a bit of my LA life this week. we both love our breakfast pastries (check out our croissant diaries project!), so this morning we feasted on croissants from my neighborhood bakery, fruity jams, and creamy coffee. mmmm, how i love breakfast--especially on a weekday morning with a little something extra and special company!