Friday, September 11, 2009

visiting new england

last week i made my summer pilgrimage back to new england for a handful of days in my hometown and then a long weekend at our family's cottage in maine. as usual, the trip was relaxing, filling, and full of people that i love.

there was lots of biking, an afternoon of canning garden tomatoes, a double-high-five birthday to celebrate, a couple of beautiful afternoons in Boston, an awesome hike up Mount Washington, campfire and smores, one enormous slip and slide, good thin-crust pizza, and wild blueberry pancakes with local-made maple syrup.

1. birdhouse in our backyard, handpainted by my younger self
2. tomato canning supplies in my family's kitchen
3. the view from the top of Mount Washington
4. the cousins' feet at our cottage in Maine

for more photos, check out my new england, august 2009 set on flickr.