Thursday, June 4, 2009

food/drink: blue bottle coffee

i've officially fallen in love with a new world of coffee: blue bottle of san francisco, a microroaster and coffeehouse and expert coffee brewery. they carefully roast all their own shade-grown beans. and then, individually prepare each cup of coffee using beehouse ceramic manual drippers. and every cup is a super rich, coffee-y kickstart to your morning (or afternoon or evening, if you're like me).

i had my first sip at the ferry plaza farmer's market on saturday morning. manual dripping isn't the most efficient setup for a busy day at the market, and the coffee line gets a bit long--but wowww, it is worth the wait. in fact, we waited twice when we couldn't resist going back for a second cup. and then an hour before leaving the city on sunday night, alex and i searched in vain for one last fix. it's that good.

i've lusted after bodum french presses for a long time. but after seeing blue bottle work their magic with a manual drip (and drinking many cups of yummy manual drip in the past few months), i think the beehouse ceramic dripper may be swaying my mind, heart, and tastebuds...

:: image from lillieinthecity / flickr

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  1. ooh, coffee! this looks like an amazing way to have it. i love it when things take a long time and are worth it! and, as an owner of a french press, i would say this looks like a better option (i have trouble getting my french press coffee to be consistently yummy and rich, maybe i should just not try to make it in the mornings when i am half-awake!).