Monday, July 13, 2009

birthday wishes

today is my 25th birthday. 25! the sound of that makes me feel both old (my early twenties have ended!) and young (whenever i mention my age to anyone over 30)--but mostly i'm energized, excited, happy.
ten years before i was born, in 1974, my parents and my aunt phyllie left Massachusetts in a rust-colored VW bug and headed west to California. i love this photo of them standing in my grandma's driveway just before they hit the road. excited and anxious and (i imagine they'd say) totally naive about what they were jumping into...
i'm excited about the adventures and unknowns that are coming this year.
cheers to living it up!
:: photo of dad, mom, and phyllie. heading west. 1974

Friday, July 10, 2009

friday friday!

friday morning breakfast. homemade wheat bread toast with damson plum jam from the boy farm in mendocino, plus a strong cup of slow-drip coffee with a hint of cardamom. mmm, a perfect headstart to the weekend.

now looking forward to...
+ a potluck in mar vista & a bbq in echo park
+ renegade craft fair in downtown los angeles
+ ray la montagne at the hollywood bowl
+ experimenting with sourdough starters
+ cooking up the bounty of veggies from this week's CSA box

and excited to be back online more soon.

P.S. during the latest trip to northern california, i finally bought a porcelain manual drip for coffeemaking. it's deliciously awesome.