Friday, September 14, 2007

sans auto

another almost-carfree monday. i love wandering & exploring on foot, and a camera is the perfect pass to zoom in our this ironic crazy gritty pretty LA world.

i do wish that i could/would live a more carfree life on non-mondays. even working just a few miles from home, it's still hard to decipher a reliable bus route to get there. i know it's just a matter of committing to give it a try. i will. someday. soon?

see greenLAgirl for inspiration to de-car in LA.

[photo from myflickr]

Sunday, September 2, 2007

angels vs. rangers

entering angel stadium.

baseball diamond at dusk.

rallying at the bottom of the eighth.
(note the attentive rally monkey.)

[photos from myflickr]

Saturday, September 1, 2007

the NEW! "little black dress" rule

i spend too many mornings rushing at the last minute to find "just the right thing" to wear. i try on 3+ closet combinations, and then i'm grumpy. i'm running late, i throw on whatever, and i spend the rest of the day feeling uncomfortable.

i know this can be avoided if i just resort to wearing a standby. something clean, comfortable, and complimentary. a little black dress (or any combination of blacks/solids, for that matter).

for some bizarre reason, a part of me has felt like resorting to the standby is a "cop out."

but no more!

henceforth, all mornings of uncertainty will be solved with the standby, the steadfast&true. sometimes it's okay to take the easy route.