Wednesday, March 4, 2009

san francisco weekend

a few photos from my weekend exploring san francisco...

i'm in love with every aspect of this city: historic buildings, art and music, neighborhoods with big personalities, car-free living, so many city parks, delicious fresh food, and lots of coffee shops. although a dose of southern california sunshine wouldn't hurt. it's a near perfect city just as it is.

see more of the weekend's photos at flickr / lillieinthecity.

listening to: her morning elegance by oren lavie (listen)

::images from lillieinthecity


  1. It's "near-perfect", I agree -- oh, if only for a little bit warmer weather a little bit more consistently!

  2. Is that picture from Twin Peaks? My home as a child was right below them in the direction of the bay (the general way the picture is looking)!

  3. oh, i miss sf! i agree about being near-perfect, for sure. sigh.