Friday, February 27, 2009

cilantro pesto

i am about to jump in the car and head north to san francisco for a weekend visit with my little brother in his new city home. but first, i couldn't resist making one more batch of farm-fresh greens. (this week my life has involved an endless puree of greens and garlic.)

a few days ago, i made this pesto with a big bunch of cilantro from last week's CSA bushel. the pesto was a huge hit with friends at a "homemade happy hour" night. and so i was excited to find another cilantro bunch in this week's bushel. this pesto has a big fresh zesty taste with an awesome punch of garlic. if you like cilantro, you will love this.

cilantro pesto (an estimated recipe)
+bunch of cilantro
+5 cloves of garlic
+1/2 cup of olive oil
+juice of half lemon
+some parmesan cheese
+salt & pepper
(optional) chopped nuts--pine nuts, walnuts, etc.

rinse the cilantro, and try your best to remove the softer leaves and steams from the hard, lower stems. then mince the garlic. put cilantro, pesto, and all other ingredients into a blender. puree until smooth. eat on pasta, toasted bread, crackers...or eggs!

more soon with reports from the beautiful city of san francisco!

listening to: oh what a world by rufus wainwright (listen)

:: photos from lillieinthecity / flickr


  1. I love a kick of cilantro. I'm definitely going to try this — thanks!

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful on here that you make me want to eat this pesto even though it is made out of cilantro. I think there might be a future in food styling and photo for you if you dream of that. Amazing!