Sunday, March 22, 2009

on community sustained agriculture

voila! my latest bushel of veggies from my local community sustained agriculture (CSA) program: the south central farmer's coop. a rough explanation of a CSA: it supports local agriculture by organizing people to "invest" directly in a farm--and in return for your share, you receive a regular assortment of seasonal, local farm fresh goods.

encouraged by a CSA-loving coworker, i started buying a bi-weekly box from south central. in the past month, i have experimented with more mixed kales, beet greens, and rainbow chard than ever before. i've discovered that a box of "greens" has a lot more flavor and personality than i ever expected. and i've also learned that when all else fails, everything tastes good sauteed in garlic and olive oil.

if you are in the LA area, check out south central and their many pickup locations around the city. if you are in elsewhere (including new england!), check out local harvest where you can search for a csa's in your area.

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:: image from lillieinthecity / flickr

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