Tuesday, July 1, 2008

july july!

july is a favorite month of mine. a swing into summer. sending us to the closest beach. long, sunny days and late, muggy nights. smelling like saltwater or campfire or lakewater or coppertone sunscreen. buzzing mosquitoes. lots of fresh fruit and corn on the cob and grilled hotdogs and tomatoes & basil. flipflops and sundresses. picnics and barbecues. and many birthdays (:

this month in dear LA, i'm excited about saturdays&sundays of beaching, hiking, thrifting, and farmer's marketing. some great [free!] concerts: here, here, and here. evening picnicking with cemetery movies at cinespia & outdoor music at the hollywood bowl. and maybe even a surfing lesson or two...

oh how i do love this summer month of mine!

image of mirror lake from my flickr

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