Tuesday, January 22, 2008

winter project: complete

now that most of my packages have made their way across the country, i'm happy to present the results of my winter project: the companion cookbook.

the idea for a compilation cookbook started with a chain letter email ("send a recipe to these five people and..."). excited about a bookmaking project and the prospect of a collecting some fun recipes, i set to work mailing & hassling my friends and then collecting & organizing their recipes.

i scanned each of the recipes that i received and formatted them (roughly) in adobe indesign. i spent many days printing and shuffling notecards around, pumping out 50+ copies of the text.

then for the fun part! each book was handbound, starting from scratch with info & tutorials from fiveandahalf (thank you, judy!). with a big bottle of pva glue, a quality paste brush, and a bagful of clothespins, i was a happy bookmaker.

the bookcovers feature images from the blender way to better cooking (1965). the "blender" theme provides for some interesting (and some surprisingly appetizing) cover art.

finally, the whole bunch was complete.
wrapped with parchment paper & tied with red ribbon.
headed off to kitchens & friends around the country.

[photos via myflickr]

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