Friday, January 25, 2008

stormy night

the rain continues to pour in LA, with flash floods warnings, snowstorms, and even a tornado scare. after a long wet day, all i wanted was a sweatshirt and a hot bowl of soup.

i took advantage of the soggy night to catch up on some emails...and to sort through a biggg stack of old magazines that have been piling up. tearing out the worthwhile articles and photospreads (ohh that martha stewart and her pretty pictures). and then tossing (recycling!) the rest.

on the side, hot cocoa (the milk+cocoa+sugar variety) made with dad's special gradually-add-the-milk technique, in my barnswallow mug from mum (one of my favorite things).

now the electricity has gone out (third time tonight).

this city cannot handle precipitation.

[photo from myflickr]

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