Wednesday, November 7, 2007

coffee shops

here, there, and travelling, i'm on the lookout for good coffee shops. not just good coffee (although that's the first step), but an excellent overal coffee experience, the ideal coffee situation.

dark wood, roasting beans. smiling staff. fair trade & independent. ceramic mugs and crisp white paper cups. a glowing pastry case, a simple menu. comfy seats, worn-in couches. books, magazines, art. wanting to hole up there all afternoon.

yea, so i miss college town coffee shops. they're not so easy to find in a big city! starbucks and coffee beans crowd out the little guys. but with a little digging, the good ones shine through...

coffee shops that i miss:
3. lady killigrew cafe @ the book mill (montague, ma) - [bottom photo]
2. the haymarket (northampton, ma)
1. rao's coffee (amherst, ma)

local cafes that we visit:
3. cafe balcony (12431 rochester ave)
2. the spot / synergy (4455 overland ave)
1. the coffee conservatory (10117 washington blvd) - [top photo]

[photos from myflickr]

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