Monday, June 1, 2009

travel: maker fair @ san francisco

another trip to san francisco! i'm finding lots of excuses to visit that lovely city. if only the drive from LA didn't take quite so long...

this weekend's excuse was the world's largest DIY festival: maker fair. wandering the fairgrounds, my friend alex and i found makers of all kinds: crafts, robotics, fashion, technology, food, and more. it was inspiring madness.

our trip also included an overnight in fresno; saturday morning at the ferry plaza farmer's market; sampling ice cream at bi-rite creamery; a foggy morning glimpse at day 1 of the 545-mile AIDS life cycle; a visit to the seward street slides; and a turkish delight.

see more photos from our weekend in san francisco at lillieinthecity / flickr.

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  1. oh, so cool! sometimes i just wish i lived there!!!!