Tuesday, May 26, 2009

home: the landing strip

so truthfully, the home front has been a bit disheveled lately--not forgotten, just a little overlooked. but there's one spot that i can share that's usually in pretty good shape: this little table in the kitchen, our landing strip.

this little spot is the first place that we land when arriving home and the last spot we hit before walking out the door. it's where our keys and our mail live--plus other fun things like our salt&pepper shakers, the occasional bunch of fresh flowers, and our two home cities represented by the neighborhood maps that we so love. it's the filter between the inside and outside worlds.

do you have a landing strip at home? was yours purposeful, or did it come about on its own? admittedly, i got a little obsessed with the idea of a landing strip after reading the apartment therapy book (which is awesome, by the way). it seems inconsequential, but i'm convinced that it's a key to balancing life at home and out in the world.

listening to: you're gonna make me lonesome by madeleine peyroux (listen)

:: image from lillieinthecity / flickr

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  1. oh, this makes so much sense (love the neighborhood maps, by the way)! i just moved into a big new place and, for the last couple of days, have been sort of trying to figure out where to 'land'--that IS the best way to describe it! so, although i had not been able to put it into words, i like this idea a lot, and can certainly vouch for its necessity as i currently have no landing strip (i sort of just circle for awhile and then reroute all the way up to my bedroom). you also have me interested in the apartment therapy book :)