Thursday, May 14, 2009

family in the city

greetings! lots to catch up on in life and online. the past few weeks have been awesome and exhausting and adventure-filled and enjoyed with some of my very favorite people.

our little family reunion in san francisco was a perfectly balanced weekend of catching up and relaxing, eating and drinking, sitting in coffee shops and exploring the city. we have a good time for ourselves.

a few lasting memories: the many hours spent at the bean bag coffee house on divisadero. pesto pasta at caffe sport in north beach. makeshift sleeping arrangements in my little brother's apartment. visits to the flower conservatory and the craft & folk art museum. an amazing dinner at chez panisse (more on that soon). one night at a little cottage on the russian river. wine tasting via bicycle in sonoma valley. plus, a great roadtrip from LA to SF and back with half a pie, garlic ice cream, and an unexpected detour to the outskirts of yosemite.

it was a very good weekend.

see more photos of our family adventures at flickr / lillieinthecity.

listening to: thunder road by bruce springsteen (listen)


  1. i LOVE the bean bag cafe on divis! sigh. maybe someday i will live in s.f. again. but i have many fond memories of that place. love the family photo--families are so funny and wonderful

  2. can't wait to hear more on chez panisse! yes please!

  3. "thunder road" is my all time favorite favorite song!
    PS. love the family photos!