Thursday, December 11, 2008

another library list

on tuesday night, i went to my local city library branch and had one of those awesome moments when every book i came across seemed just right. the library (any library) has been a favorite location of mine for as far back as i can remember. wandering the shelves, amassing a pile, and checking out a stack of new-to-me books gives me a strange but special thrill.

often the subjects are totally unrelated, many of the books i never read from cover to cover, but always i am delighted by all the text and images and ideas and inspirations that a pile of books can offer.

here is my library list from tuesday:

+ alone in the kitchen with an eggplant (hilarious essays on cooking solo.)
+ the girl with the gallery (the title caught me, and the topic's held me.)
+ what i talk about when i talk about running (haruki murakami is fantastic.)
+ paris cafe: the select crowd (illustrated thoughts on the paris cafe scene.)
+ superman: the complete history (for an upcoming exhibition at work.)
+ armageddon in retrospect (kurt vonnegut is genius.)

what books are piled up on your nightstand at the moment?

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  1. i guess i don't need to say that you're the cutest, you must already know that! i've been thinking about getting back into library visiting for a while now. i use to spend my breaks from the candy store at the huge boston public library on boylston (in the beginning i was just trying to avoid buying more party dresses at betsey johnson, but it started to become a much more exciting adventure). anyway, i've been meaning to read that book about eating alone for over a year now. PLEASE give me a mini book review when you finish.