Thursday, October 2, 2008

art in odd places

in the month of october, art projects will be tucked around new york city for pedestrians to stumble upon. see art in odd places.

my favorite...

free books by erin doeinge

A box of books labeled "Free Books" is deposited at various 14th Street locations. A seeming act of generosity, the artist has removed the last few pages from each book. The alteration will only become apparent to the reader after he or she has nearly finished the book, converting the cast-off into a statement of art.

Time/Location: Ongoing throughout October. Four undisclosed locations on 14th Street.

[i once tore the last page out of a danielle steele book and put it back on a communal book shelf. now i feel all the prouder of that little act of rebellion.]

:: image from art in odd places

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  1. wow this is so interesting... i'm obsessed with the "personal space" tape.... also reminds me of my new guerilla promo campaign idea for my shop i want to discuss with you!