Wednesday, July 16, 2008

things i need to purchase

a watch. a bicycle. a new cell phone.

relatively simple, right? agh, somehow not in my mind...

i get so hung up on needing to find Just The Right Thing. will be okay in form and function? will i really really love it? or do i just like the idea of it?

BUT somehow i landed myself a new phone tonight. at a reasonable price, it's the closest that verizon will take me to an iphone.

AND thinking about this watch. i first saw it 12+ months ago--it's been on my mind that long? that's probably a sign that i'll be happy with it...

THEN for the bicycle, it's time to just-say-NO to online shopping. yes, i need to go to my local bike shop. the many pretty online bikes are tempting. but with some purchases, there's no replacement for a live in-person test ride...

[EDIT: ha! here's a reality check on design angst.]

images: watch from moma; bicycle from jorg&olif; phone from's good!

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