Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a pretty presidential affair

personally i am more than ready to move on from the reign of George W, but i was intrigued by a photo slideshow from his daughter jenna's wedding over the weekend. hosted at the family ranch in Crawford, TX, it was an intimate evening (ie no press allowed), but the white house presented this set of wedding pics.

hm! in my eyes, this wedding looks pretty fresh & colorful for a presidential affair! she has this simple elegance thing down! i love what they did here with colorful flags strung up in the reception tent and the paperbag luminarias lighting up the yard.

after the wedding, the president stated that they sure are "mighty blessed."

THEN to avoid feeling too warm&fuzzy about Mr. Bush, i also spent 10 minutes watching this Al Gore video by Spike Jonze. nothing extraordinary, just a day in the life of the gore family (circa 2000). so down to earth; good people.

PS i'm sorry if yesterday didn't post properly! josh krause is not to be missed~

:: photo from the white house

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