Sunday, May 18, 2008

another morning at the farmer's market

this beautiful sunny morning was by far my best yet at the farmer's market...
i didn't buy much, but what i did get was absolutely perfect.
- five of the best EVER nectarines
- a bucket of sweet cherries
- an enormous ruby red grapefruit
& a bunch of lilacs

and then to complete my perfect morning, i went to booksoup and let myself buy one new book... the art of simple food. the author Alice Waters is a major advocate for farmer's markets & seasonal/local/sustainable foods, opened chez panisse in san francisco in 1971, and is pretty much amazing.

and this new cookbook of hers is just as inspiring.

from the introduction of the art of simple food:

I'm convinced that the underlying principles of good cooking are the same everywhere... They are the principles of a delicious revolution, one that can reconnect our families and communities with the most basic human values, provide the deepest delight for all our senses, and assure our well-being for a lifetime...
- eat locally & sustainably.
- eat seasonally.
- shop at farmer's markets.
- plant a garden.
- conserve, compost, and recycle.
- cook simply, engaging all your senses.
- cook together.
- eat together.
- remember food is precious.

:: image from thomas hawke

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