Wednesday, April 16, 2008

before & after: bookshelves

on sunday morning, i found a new bookshelf (far right) at a nearby yard sale. really simple wood. just $5!

so with a new addition to our living room, i was inspired to do a little bookshelf rehaul. i'm still not 100% happy, but it's definitely an improvement!

first, emptied all the books/etc onto the kitchen table. (considering we started with nothing, i can't believe we've collected this many books & things in just a year!)

then, slowly reorganized the bookshelves -- by color!! i love this look. even with our small collection, the little book rainbow gives such simple visual organization.

finally, added some new houseplants to liven things up... lookin good!

now, that darn chair is still a work-in-progress.

PS i need to learn how to take better pictures of my apartment (more tips).

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