Sunday, January 20, 2008

no thank you to plastic bags

tinychoices, a new but not-so-tiny envirogreen blog, wrote this week about steps to ban the overuse of plastic bags in cities around the world. americans alone use 100 billion (plus?) plastic bags--every year. argh.

i may get funny looks for refusing bags and occasionally stuffing my purse with groceries... but i'd rather have an excuse to stock up on fun, reusable bags than have to look at a cabinet full of bags & bags of cheap plastic.

here are a few favorite bags&totes:
- "thank you have a nice day" [photo above]
- envirosax in amazonia patterns
- ecobags in earthtones
- bazura market bags from recycled materials

[EDIT: los angelenos held a "ban the bag" rally on jan more interesting info at the great LA green girl.]

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