Thursday, January 31, 2008

seeking inspiration

inspired by design for mankind's awesome new monthly e-zine of inspiration boards, i looked to my bulletin board of the moment. not wildly exciting, but an interesting collection of items from the past months...

yes, this is leading me to another list of links. i guess i'm in a phase of collecting & examining. soon to be followed by a period of creative action...

[counter clockwise from midright]
- "be kind to books," cuz you should
- food - hipster eating joint on pico blvd. their "market" has a great collection of iconic food items (heinz ketchup, grey poupon, morton's salt, etc.)
- snippet of a colorful lamp by heather wells, beautiful after dark
- card from nana with a print of her mariner's compass quilt
- sample of teal paint, my new favorite color
- old john lennon trading card
- button from LA's craft & folk art museum - check out their local event listings!
- wristband from the standard hotel - hiphip + interior design lust
- little green pin from phantomlimb
- leftover red ribbons from wonderful papersource
- print of matisse's basket of oranges. "One of the proudest moments of Matisse's life was when Picasso bought his Basket of Oranges in 1945. Matisse reciprocated by sending Picasso a crate of real oranges every New Year's Day." love this.
- matt's paused-for-now

obama 08 - spread the hope. [words & image]

[photo from myflickr]

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