Friday, October 12, 2007

autumn in LA

So this is my very first fall outside of New England since...ever.

My annual clock expects cider, crisp air, itchy wool sweaters, and falling leaves...But here in Los Angeles, the lovely weather justcontinues. Flowers blooming, trees green, sunshine.

But my innerclock is still reigning, at least in my mind. I'm convinced that I can smell the Fall Smell. I'm craving seasonal beverages: hazelnut coffee, pumpkin beer, hot cider. The sweaters on sale at local stores seem out of place--but I'll happily embrace them! I baked apple crisp just to smell the cinnamon & spice. Now if only I could find a big pile of leaves to crunch through...

[photo from umass campus, fall '05 from myflickr]

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