Tuesday, August 21, 2007

home sweet home

Since we moved into our first, sweet, little apartment, there's been a constant cycle of needing, finding, and arranging things. From Allison's awesome vintage kitchen table (thank you craigslist!) to my DIY pickle jar shelf (thank you home depot & albertsons!), the space needs to be functional, but fun, and cohesive, but true to two personalities.

Now I am searching for just the right...
- bookshelf. low and wooden for the living room. the current one is a white beast trying to take over the space.
- rugs, affordable but interesting & colorful. gotta mask this wall-to-wall carpeting!
- bar cart...not even sure what we're looking for in this, but when we find it, we will know.
- mega bulletin board & industrial-style lighting for our office nook.
- art & posters, an endless pursuit of pretty things for the walls.
- books!! since moving cross-country, our shelves are all but empty.

It might be a long time before we are Dwell-worthy, but I think I enjoy the process as much as the results.

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