Monday, August 27, 2007

city walk

today was another wonderful car-free monday. it's hard to go a day with needing to drive somewhere for something--especially living in LA. but i feel the worst when i realize that i've spent half of a precious day off driving--or worse (and most likely), sitting in traffic.

luckily, mondays are quiet. i can stay at home, relax, walk downtown, get a few errands done. if i get car-required business done on sunday, then monday can be fully sans auto.

today was a perfect balance of work & play. i spent the morning at home working on a little design project (maybe the start of some exciting outside-of-work work!). and then i took a long afternoon walk around town. hit up the coffee shop, the library, and the choice local stores: my Stellar True Value Hardware, a couple of local shops, and good ol' Goodwill. a stack of books and a few around-the-house necessities made the day a success.

[photo from myflickr]

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